A New World (2016)



‘A New World’ is the new album from accomplished Sydney-based singer/songwriter Damien Binder. 

This album, Binder’s  fourth long-player, showcases his effortless ability to swing from soulful hymn-like ballads to moody rock and country-tinged numbers. The ten new songs find him in an expectant and buoyant frame of mind with meditations on destiny hope and rejuvenation.  The chiming melodic guitars, combined with Binder’s compelling voice and lyrics, make for a dynamic and stirring collection of tunes.

“Damien Binder is one of those smart songwriters because he walks a pleasing line between the singer-songwriter genre and a smattering of power pop. He writes songs which in a better world would find themselves all over radio. As always Binder delivers thoughtful pop with touches of guitar jangle (Breaking Beyond Me) and some downbeat ballads (the lovely Ships Sail Out), all of which are sensibly and sensitively arranged to keep him front’n’centre. If nothing immediately leaps out, open ears at radio would pick up It’s You I Came Back For and the Eighties pop gestures of Over.” Graham Reid, Elsewhere.

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